• Egumendi S.L.

    was founded in 1973

Egumendi S.L. was founded in 1973 in Urretxu-Zumarraga (the Basque Country, Spain), right at the heart of a region with a strong industrial tradition. For decades, our core business has been the production of manganese wear plates (X120Mn12) for wagon bogies, in accordance with the UIC 893-0 standard (Categories E and C), which has provided us with extensive know-how and practical experience in this field.

Thanks to this unique experience, we have established the product life cycle standard throughout Europe and can guarantee the highest standards in quality and service. This has enabled us to become the go-to supplier for all the major companies in the European railway industry. Having worked exclusively with manganese steels for decades, not only have we accumulated a vast pool of knowledge and practical experience, but we have also succeeded in adapting our machinery to the specific needs and requirements of this material. For the last two decades our work has been supported by the ISO 9001 Certification, ensuring compliance with a strict quality policy.

We have the production resources, know-how and materials required to manufacture a wide range of plates and parts. Moreover, we are extremely flexible in adapting to our customers’ specific requirements, both in terms of the part types we manufacture as well as when it comes to batch sizes and delivery deadlines. In order to guarantee the very best service, Egumendi S.L. keeps a permanent stock of standard wear plates, sheets, bars and flats in a complete range of thicknesses and diameters.

As an industrial supplier, throughout our history we have built up significant exports, primarily to European countries. This channel now accounts for over 80% of our turnover.