Quality policy

The Management of EGUMENDI, S.L. understands that the market demands products and services which comply with the highest possible quality standards (product, price and lead times, etc.).

We understand that satisfying these requirements in a competitive manner is vital for the survival of our company, and we use process-based management, occupational risk prevention and the 5S method to ensure that we achieve this goal.

For this reason we feel it incumbent on ourselves to adopt the following basic principles:

  • The balanced scorecard (BSC) must be properly planned.
  • Process-based management: All departments are cross-cutting.
    • Control and result targets must be set for every process.
    • Measurable, quantifiable indicators must be established.
    • Results must be measured using the established indicators.
  • Open projects must be carried out in each process.
  • Knowledge must be socialised within the organisation.
  • Members of staff must be consulted when making any decisions pertinent to the professional area in which they operate.

In recognition of the effort all this entails, the Management undertakes to provide the knowledge, means and resources required to implement, maintain and improve its process-based management system, as well as to create a climate of trust in order to facilitate the participation of all members of staff in the drive to meet the quality targets established.

These targets are reviewed and measured on a quarterly basis and are adapted to our working philosophy.


THE MANAGEMENT                         Urretxu, 19 October, 2020